Monday, March 7, 2011

Madison's First Spanking Ever From Auntie Bella

            Madison woke up one morning and was playing around in her crib.  She finally pulled herself up on the side of the crib and began to cry.  It was a familiar routine.  Mommy came and got her out of the crib.  She made sure that Madison had on a dry pull-up for the morning and then took her downstairs to breakfast.
            Mommy put Madison in her booster seat and gave her some oatmeal and a cup of peaches to eat.  She gave her a toddler spoon and a sippy cup.  Madison was dressed in a t-shirt and a pull-up.  Mommy had not even remembered to put a toddler-sized bib on Madison.  No, Mommy was in a hurry to catch up on some cleaning that she had fallen behind on, lately.
            Mommy said, “Here Maddie, now you eat your food while Mommy goes and does the laundry.  Be a good girl for Mommy, ok?”
            Madison wondered why Mommy always insisted on her being a good girl and really didn’t know the difference but responded with an, “OK Mommy!”
            Mommy went and started sorting through the baby clothes and the diapers and the grown up clothes and she was amazed at how quickly her laundry had piled up, especially, the diapers!  Mommy was determined she was going to start working very hard on potty training Madison, if she could find the time in her busy week.
            Madison played with her food.  She took the peaches and squshed them between her fingers.   She ate some of her food.  She would hold the spoon with one hand and then take her other hand and dip her fingers into the mush and then squeeze it and try to get some of it into her mouth.  The oatmeal was everywhere and so were the peaches.  Madison continued working with the food as diligently as she could.
            Mommy finished getting the load of clothes into the washer and came back out to check on her baby.
            Madison jolted at her Mommy’s yells and looked scared.  But then said, “Mommy, I eat.”
            Mommy retorted, “I don’t think you have eaten anything, young lady.  Why is your food everywhere?  It is all over you, it is all over the table, it is all over the floor?   Why are you not eating the way I taught you?”
            Madison did not remember being taught how to eat.  She continued to play in her slop of mess.  Mommy had enough.  She got a wet washcloth and took it over to clean Madison up.  Madison jerked her head this way and that to get away from the old rag.
            “Madison Taylor Walker, be still right this instant, missy!  Mommy is not through with you.”
            It took Mommy a good while to get Madison cleaned up but finally she did.  She still had much cleaning to do.  She put Madison in the living room at the coffee table with some crayons and a coloring book.
            “Now Madison, I have some work to do.  Why don’t you sit here and color me a pretty picture?”
            Madison smiled at her Mommy.  Mommy left the room, again, to do some chores that needed to be done.  Madison colored a picture of a kid flying a kite but then got curious about the blue crayon.  Madison slid the crayon in her mouth and began to suck and chew on it.  She was not sure of the taste but everything went in Madison’s mouth.
            Madison toddled over to the wall that went underneath the staircase.  She had brought three of the crayons with her.  She had brought a purple, black and red crayon with her.  She began to draw on the wall.  She drew a picture of her Mommy, of Madison and of a puppy dog.  Madison had so much fun coloring the wall.  Then Madison decided to go back to watch television so she toddled back to where the coffee table was.
            Mommy came into the room and immediately saw the disaster, “MADISONNNNNNNNNN TAYYYLLORRRR WALKKKERRRRRRR!!!! Mommy is disappointed in you young lady.  Why did you color the wall?”
            “Mommy don’t you like my pitcher?  It’s you and me and a puppppieeee.”
            “No, I do not like it Madison.  We do not color on the wall, do we?  Where do we color?  We color in the coloring book, not the wall!”
            Mommy scooped Madison up and put her on the changing table.  She noticed that Madison had bits of blue in her mouth.  “Madison, I just don’t know what to do with you.”  Mommy smacked Madison’s inner thighs a couple of times and Madison cried just a bit but nothing too serious.
            Just at that moment, the doorbell rang.  Mommy placed Madison temporarily in her crib until she could find out who was at the door.  Madison cried while she was in her crib because she didn’t like to be left alone.
            Mommy went to the door, “Who’s there?”
            “It’s me, Sis,” came the reply of Madison’s Auntie Bella.
            “Oh hi, Sis, do come in.  Well, you might not want to… it’s a disaster zone in here.”
            “What is the matter, you look like you have been roughed up.”
            Well Sis, honest truth is that I am not feeling well, I am behind on my chores and errands and Madison the terrible two year old has happened, today.  Just come look at my walls!  She thinks she colored a pretty picture but she colored my walls for heaven’s sake.”
            “Oh my goodness!  That little monster.  I tell you what sis.  Well have you spanked Madison for that?”
            “I gave her two little smacks but nothing of importance.  I am just not well enough to keep up with her today.”
            “Well, let me take her for the day.  I will give her a good spanking on  your behalf and tend to her.  That way you can take care of yourself and get your house back in order.  How does that sound?”
            “Oh that would be great Sis.  I sure hate to put Madison off on you.  She is really getting to be a handful.”
            “Oh don’t worry about us.  Plus, by the time she is settled, she will get a spanking and by the time she’s settled from that, she’ll be ready for a nap.”
            “Oh, alright then.  Let me warn you, she’s a mess as in dirty as well.  Let me go get her.  Madison! “
            Madison was sitting in her crib playing with her toys having forgotten that her Mommy had left her.  Her face was a little red from crying after her Mommy though.  Madison sprung to life when she heard her Mommy and pulled up on the side of the crib.
            “Madison, Auntie Bella is here to take you to her house.  You are going to spend the day with her while I get some cleaning done.  And now, thanks to your naughtiness, I will be cleaning the walls as well.”
            Madison reached for her Mommy.  She was happy to be going to Auntie Bella’s house because that’s where Mannah lived.  And Mannah was Madison’s big cousin that played with her. 
            Mommy grabbed Madison and looked at her sternly and said, “Now, you are already in trouble young lady so you better be a good girl for your Auntie Bella, do you understand me?”
            “Yes Ma’am,” came a soft reply.
            “Well here Auntie Bella.  Here is Maddie’s diaper bag and Maddie herself.  I do hope you have a decent time with her.”
            “Well, we’ll get things straightened out,” Auntie Bella winked at her sis.
            “Come on Madison, let’s get you into the car so we can go to my house, alright?”
            Auntie Bella put Madison into the car seat and buckled her in.  She then got in the car and buckled herself in. 
            “How’s Madison doing today?”
            This should have been obvious.  Madison was still dressed in her t-shirt and pull-up with sweats pulled over them for going out into the cold weather.  Her t-shirt still bore the evidence of blue crayon and oatmeal and peaches.  Her mouth still had bits of blue crayon in places like between her lips and teeth.  But if Auntie Bella couldn’t tell then Madison wasn’t going to volunteer.  Madison just continued to suck on her pacifier.  The drive seemed to put Madison to sleep even though the drive was very short.  Perhaps, Madison had been too busy this morning.
            Finally, they arrived at Auntie Bella’s house and Auntie Bella got Madison out of the car.  “Come on young lady.  Let’s go inside.”
            Madison slowly woke up and saw that she was at her Auntie Bella’s house.
            Auntie Bella paid Madison no attention.
            Maddie figured that Mannah would come out eventually but didn’t call her again.
            Auntie Bella sat Maddie’s stuff down and then sat the young girl in her lap. 
            “Madison.  Mommy tells me that you were a very naughty girl this morning.  Mommy says that you colored on the wall.  And look at you, you are a mess.  I believe I see blue slobber pouring from your mouth, open that mouth and let me see your tongue!”
            Madison opened her mouth and blue crayon was everywhere.
            “Madison, you do not eat crayons and you do not color on your Mommy’s or Auntie Bella’s or anyone’s walls, do you hear me?”
            Madison was confused.  She thought she had come to Auntie Bella’s house to play and now she was getting fussed at.
            “Madison.  Your Mommy is not well today so she sent you here for the day.  And since she is not well and could not spank you properly, I shall do so.”
            “Nooooooo Auntie Bella, noooooo!”
            “Madison is not going to do you any good to tell me no.  You deserve a spanking.  You need to learn that when your Mommy or I think that you need a spanking it is for your own good.”
            “Now Madison, you might tell your Mommy ‘No,’ but that is not going to work with me young lady.  Now let’s pull those sweat pants completely off and take down your pull-up as well.  This will be your first spanking from me but I can guarantee you that it will not be your last.  Now, here let me help you over my lap.”
            Madison was terrified of her Auntie Bella’s voice.  Auntie Bella had always been so loving with her and had never ever spanked her before.  But she supposed that’s the way it had to be since Mannah often was spanked by Madison’s Mommy.  Madison felt herself being undress and began to cry with her paci in her mouth.
            “You will not be needing that, Madison.  Hand me your paci.  When girls are naughty they don’t get to keep their pacis.  Now I should start you off with a small hand spanking to warm your bottom up.”
            Auntie Bella first rubbed Madison’s bottom with her hand.  Then she fired five rapid smacks to each side of the little girl’s bottom.  After that, she waited a second and applied three quick and sharp spanks to each globe.  Madison had already began to cry but Auntie Bella was just warming her up.
            Auntie Bella reached for her hairbrush.  In this, she was just like her sister, a hairbrush was the best way into a little girl’s heart.  Auntie Bella started at the little girl’s right cheek and would give several swats that all seemed to go in one spot, then she’d switch to a left sit spot, then to a right thigh, followed by a left butt cheek, then to the right sit spot and then to the left thigh and then in different spots but culminating on the tops of the cheeks. 
            Madison screamed and cried through the entire spanking.  Madison did not like that Auntie Bella had somehow managed to hit every single piece of her backside during this spanking.  Madison was utterly tired and defeated.  She longed for the spanking to be over.  She cried for her Auntie Bella to stop and she even cried for her Mommy.  She was reminded that Mommy was at home and Madison was in Auntie Bella’s hands.
            Finally the spanking stopped.  Auntie Bella sat Maddie back up in her lap but did not replace her pull-up or her pants.  “Now Madison, I do not want to hear of you giving your Mommy trouble.  I better not hear of you coloring on the walls ever again, do you hear me young lady?”
            Through tons of tears Madison uttered a, “Yes Ma’am.”
            “Good.  Now Auntie Bella loves Madison and wants her to be a good girl.  Auntie Bella also knows that Madison is young and is learning.  But this is how you learn, Madison.  Your Mommy and I will spank you when you need it.”
            Madison continued to cry and even cried out again, “Mannnnahhhhh.  Mannnnahhhh!”
            “Mannah?  Oh Amanda is at school.  She won’t be home until after I have returned you to your Mommy’s house.  You don’t get to play with Amanda because you have done a very bad thing today.  Only good girls get to play.  Now Madison, I know that you are young and you will be getting many spankings and that is one thing but you have done something that really has upset your Mommy and that is why you got such a harsh spanking.”
            Madison continued to cry.
            “Alright, here let’s put your pull-up back on and your pants.  And then we’ll cuddle.”
            Madison slipped her legs into the pull-up and pants while holding on to her Auntie Bella.  Madison wanted to do exactly what Auntie Bella told her to do and nothing but what she told her to do.
            Auntie Bella scooped Madison up into her arms and began to love on her.  She rubbed her back and held on to her tightly.  Madison cried and cried but Auntie Bella loved on her back.  Madison tucked her hands up under herself and continued to cry.  Auntie Bella rubbed Madison’s back and stroked her hair.
            Much time passed and it was time to go back to Mommy’s house.  Auntie Bella packed Madison’s things and loaded the car.  She snapped Madison into her car seat and drove her back home.  Madison sucked on a bottle on the way back home and fell back to sleep.
            When Auntie Bella arrived at the door, she carried a sleeping Madison in the house.  Mommy was sitting in her favorite recliner and asked for Madison to be put into her arms.  Auntie Bella did as asked.  Mommy wanted to know the details of Madison’s first spanking with Auntie Bella.  Auntie Bella told her the details.  Mommy smiled at her Sis.
            “Thanks for taking care of her today.  I got much done that I needed to.  I have to say that I missed my baby but I couldn’t have done it without you.  I think it is time to paint the walls anyway but I got most of it off.  The cool thing is that I took a picture and have placed it in Madison’s baby book so that she can see, when she’s older, that the picture she drew made me proud… it really is pretty.”
            “Oh Sis, you are such a softy.  But I am glad that you take pride in your daughter’s artwork!  I don’t think if Amanda had done that, I would have taken a picture… but then, I probably would have spanked her and not have thought about it.  I guess it is good I had Madison for the day.”
            “Yes.  I thought about it later and said well, who knows if she will ever draw such a cute picture again and label it as Mommy, Madison and a puppy!  It kind of looks like scribble mostly but she named everything.  So, did you get the blue crayon out of her mouth?”
            “Yes, I’m afraid I took a picture and applied it to her bottom!”
            The two sisters laughed.  Then Auntie Bella decided she better get home before Amanda arrived home from school.  Auntie Bella and Mommy said their good-byes and Auntie Bella went out the door without her Sis getting up.
            Madison lay in her Mommy’s arms, sound asleep.  She didn’t know that she was in her Mommy’s arms perhaps, but it sure seemed as if she snuggled tighter.  Mommy kissed Madison on the forehead and rubbed her face.  She would always love her Maddie no matter what.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Mommy and Madison Go Shopping

Madison woke up early in the morning and played in her crib.  She played with the crib toys that were mounted on the side of her crib.  She played with her teddy bear and her cocker spaniel puppy.  She enjoyed herself for a while.  However, Madison was soaking and wet and was getting hungry… so she did what all babies do and began to cry.
            “Wahhhhh, wahhhh, wahhhh, Mommmmmyyyyyyyyy.”  Madison continued on this way for a long time it seemed to her but within minutes her Mommy came and scooped her up in her arms. 
            Mommy answered, “Good Morning, my beautiful princess.  How is Miss Madison Taylor Walker doing today?”  Madison was quite fussy and continued crying.  Her Mommy placed her on the changing table.  Mommy pushed a pacifier into Madison’s mouth and gave her a toy to play with so to keep her still. 
            “Now, let’s get this wet diapy off my baby girl, shall we?”  Madison’s Mommy went about changing her daughter’s diaper.  “Madison you sure are a wet one this morning, did you drink a tub of water last night?”  Madison responded with a giggle.  Madison was very much into trying to figure out the toy her Mommy gave her and was a good girl during the change.  “Alright, up you go.  Let’s get you out of these pjs.  You can wear just your diaper for a little while.”
            Mommy put Madison down on the floor.  Madison looked up at her Mommy and continued to cry.  Mommy had too many things to do to stop and pick Madison up at the moment.  “Just a minute, honey.  Mommy has to put away your wet diaper and your dirty clothes and then Mommy will get you.” 
            Mommy did her duties and then picked up Madison and headed to the sofa.  Madison continued crying but lay horizontally in her lap and turned in towards her Mommy’s breast with her mouth wide open. 
            “Is my baby ready to have her morning milk?”  Mommy asked.  Mommy undid her blouse, as she had already dressed for the day.  Then Mommy let down the flap of her maternity bra and moved Madison’s mouth to her nipple.  Madison latched on and began to suck quite aggressively.  Madison’s little hand rested on her Mommy’s boobie.   Madison fed for a long time and then couldn’t hold anymore.  Her Mommy put Madison on her shoulder and patted her back.  Madison burped a couple of times.  Then Madison rested for a while on Mommy’s shoulder.
            “Alright Madison, Mommy has things to do around the house.  Where shall I put you?  Let’s see… how about in your play yard?”  Madison’s Mommy puts her in her play yard and leaves her playing with her toys.  Madison wants her Mommy but knows she can’t have her all the time.  “Oh, I almost forgot, here’s your paci!”  Madison took her paci and began to suck on it and became quite content playing with her toys.
            Mommy had much to do.  She sat down and planned her day out making a things-to-do list.  She needed to go several places.  She needed to go to the bank, to the post office, to the store to get clothes for her baby and a few odds and ends and groceries of course.  She decided that she would first tidy the kitchen up a bit. 
            Madison continued to play on but then got a bit fussy.  Mommy could hear Madison fussing but decided to ignore her for a bit because sometimes Madison would calm back down after a few minutes.  Madison did not quiet down; however, but increased in volume.
            “Maddie, baby… what on earth is wrong with you now?”
            Madison looked up and with all the few words she knew said, “No!  Maddie no play no more!”  Maddie had long grown tired of the few toys in the play yard and was ready for some Mommy attention.  Mommy was still too busy to give her the attention Maddie desired. 
            “Alright, baby girl, out of the play yard you come but Mommy is not holding you right now.  I don’t have time.  But after a while, we’ll do some things Maddie wants to do.  Now, how about you sit in your booster seat and eat some animal crackers.  Mommy will turn Barney on for you.”  Madison was thrilled to have animal crackers and loved to watch Barney.  Mommy had also place a small bottle of juice on her tray.  “Now be a good girl until Mommy comes and gets you.”  Madison enjoyed her animal crackers and watched a one and a half hour of Barney.
            Mommy was able to get much done during the time the video was on.  She didn’t always enjoy the sounds of the silly dinosaur but she knew that it would keep her little one entertained.  Mommy cleaned and got other things done.  Then she looked over her list of things to do and remembered she had to go shopping.  But first, she needed to feed Madison and herself, a real lunch.
            Mommy went to the den and took Madison from her booster seat, “Maddie, are you hungry?  I know that 4 animal crackers didn’t fill you up.  Mommy has your lunch all ready.”  Mommy took Madison and placed her in the highchair in the kitchen.  She fastened the belts around Madison so she wouldn’t fall out.  Mommy began to feed Madison strained peas and strained squash.  Madison ate and ate and made a wonderful mess.  Mommy cleaned up Madison.
Then Mommy ate a quick bite of a sandwich and drank some tea. 
            “Madison let’s go get you cleaned up and a fresh diaper on so we can go shopping.  We have many errands to run today.”  Mommy took Madison upstairs and washed her off.  Then she changed her diaper.  Then she dressed her in a cute little baby outfit.  “Oh don’t you just look so cutsie.  My baby is so adorable.”
            Mommy let Madison toddle around for a minute while she packed Madison’s diaper bag.  “Well are you ready?  Let’s go before it gets too late.”  She hurriedly put Madison in her car seat and buckled her in. 
            First Mommy went by the bank and got some money out.  Then they went to the post office where Mommy had to mail the bills off.  All these trips were just pulling up or go thru the drive-thru.  Madison dozed off into a nap.  Mommy drove then to the shopping center.  She looked back and thought that it wasn’t good that she was gonna have to wake her baby up.
            “Madison, oh Madison we’re here.  Wakey wakey.  Come on you, little one.”  Mommy woke Madison up and carried her into the store.  Madison sat in the front of the buggy for a little while since she was still sorta sleepy.  But as they continued through the store Madison wanted to walk.  And so as they neared the baby department, Mommy put Madison down.
            “Now Madison, do not touch anything.  Stay right beside me and be a good girl.”  Madison saw pretty little toys for toddlers and reached out to grab one.  Mommy saw her and smacked her hand.
            “Wahhh.”  Madison cried. 
            “Mommy said don’t touch anything and that’s what Mommy means.”
            Madison continued to toddle around with her Mommy.  Mommy moved on over to the baby outfits.  Mommy came across a cute pink set of overalls.  “Madison, let’s try these on you.”
            “Madison, now come on be a big girl and let’s try these on.”
            “No, don’ wan’ too.”
            “Madison, now I’m not going to continue arguing with you, young lady.  You are going to try these on.  I am not asking, I am telling you.”
            Madison didn’t want to try the overalls on.  She laid down in the floor and started kicking and screaming and throwing a fit.  She was going ballistic. 
            “Madison Taylor get yourself up off that floor and stop that nonsense right this minute or I will blister your bottom, young lady.”
            Mommy was frantically searching for her hairbrush that she normally took along with her in the diaper bag.  Madison was screaming louder and louder and shouting no so loud that it seemed to echo across the entire store.  People were gathering around to watch this mother and daughter in action.  When Mommy looked up there was a circle of people gathered around her and around the baby department. 
            One hefty man looked up and said, “Ma’am, I don’t mean to interrupt but I will gladly loan you my belt.  What that young’un needs is a good spanking.”
            Mommy replied, “Yes, yes she does.  But I have the cure all and just can’t seem to find it.”
            Mommy looked up, “Well, I know I guess I will have to go make a purchase… since I can’t seem to find my…”
            One older lady who worked in the store came up to Mommy and said, “Here, I am sure this is what you need… a good strong solid wood hairbrush, and don’t worry, it’s on the house!”
            “Yes, that is what I usually carry.  Thank-you.”  Mommy knew exactly why it was on the house because the little fit her child was carrying was not so little it was a big fit and had attracted most of the people in the store.
            “Madison Taylor Walker, get up right this instant.”
            Madison continued to cry but when the hairbrush came into view, she started scooting herself away from the direction of her Mommy.  “Noooo, Nooo, Noooo Mommy!”
            Mommy reached down and grabbed Madison up.  Someone had given her a chair to sit on.  Mommy was not going to be leaving this store without Madison receiving a good spanking for everyone to see.  And Mommy wasn’t going to let her embarrassment get the best of her either. 
            Mommy undid the snaps at Madison’s crotch and then took off her diaper… balled it up and placed it into the diaper bag.  She took Madison across her lap and began to spank her little bare bottom in front of everyone that stood in the circle in that store.
            “Madison Taylor Walker, spank spank spank spank, I will not have you acting this way, spank spank spank spank spank, you do not tell your Mommy no, spank spank spank spank, ever… you do not, spank spank spank spank throw fits Missy spank spank spank spank, do you understand me?”
            Madison was screaming and crying with real tears this time.  “Mommyyyyyy, Mommmyyyyyyy, Mommmyyyy…. I sorry Mommmmyyy.”
            Mommy rubbed the bristles across Madison’s backside.  “Madison I hope you have learned a lesson but let me remind you real quick, spank spank spank spank spank spank spank, if you ever act like this again, it will be so much worse.”
            Madison continued to cry.  Everyone in the store cheered Mommy on.  The hefty man with the belt was satisfied.  The old lady was glad for the purchase of the brush.  That little girl surely paid for her naughtiness.  When the spanking was over and Mommy had put Madison’s diaper back on and fixed her clothes, she decided to let Madison walk.  But first she tried the overalls on her.  Then she put a harness on her so that Madison would be with her at all times. 
            Madison didn’t like the harness but Mommy said, “Madison this is part of your punishment.  If you can’t mind Mommy then things happen that you don’t like.”  Mommy continued her shopping trip and pulled Madison along with her.  Mommy did end up purchasing the little pink overalls as they would look cute on her baby one day.
            Mommy took Madison home.  She got out of the car and then got Madison out of the car.  She took her little worn out baby inside the house.  Mommy knew that Madison was exhausted but also hungry. 
            “Madison, Mommy loves you.  Mommy loves her little princess so very much.  You truly are an angel and my most precious gift from God.  Mommy only spanks you because she loves you.”  Mommy loved on Madison and gave her hugs and kisses and snuggles.  She rubbed her back.  Madison had cried so much her eyes were burning and red.
            Madison went from sitting up in Mommy’s lap to lying down horizontally beneath her Mommy’s breasts.  Madison opened her mouth and tried to find Mommy’s nipple.  Mommy undid her blouse and her bra and lead Madison straight to the food source.  Madison took it in and sucked.  Mommy continued to rub Madison’s back and then pulled the hair out of her face. 
            “Mommy loves her baby.  Mommy loves Madison.”  Mommy said this over and over again.
            Madison drank and drank and drank until she fell soundly asleep.  Mommy set her up to burp her.  Then she placed the paci in her mouth and rocked her until she was sound asleep.  Then Mommy placed Madison back into her baby bed, tiptoed out of the room and went for her own relaxation.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

A Morning Visit

This story is a fantasy that I had a few days ago.... Madison is an adult baby and sees herself mostly as a baby but the harshness is due to the fact that she is an adult... there is no way that the people in this dream would ever create these acts with young children... adults only!

        It was early morning and Madison was breastfeeding when in walked Auntie Bella and Mannah.  Mannah was being "huffy" because she had gotten in trouble that morning so she went off to be alone in the computer room.    Maddie was upset that Mannah didn't come to her... so stopped feeding and got down to try to go find Mannah.  She called, "Mannnnnnnahhhhhhh.... Mannnahhhhh."
        Mommy said, "Madison, Mannah doesn't want to be bothered right now."
        Madison cried.  Then went on with her yelling, "Mannnahhhhhhh."
        Auntie Bella informed Mommy that Mannah had been in trouble and had gotten a spanking that morning before coming over and she was not a happy camper but she was sure she would come out eventually.
Madison started to toddle off to find her.
        Mommy stopped Maddie and put her in the "exersaucer" (if you don't know that term since it came out in about 1994 or so) its like a walker kind of but it is stationary and a baby can bounce in it and it has toys going around it the seat swivels so the baby can play with all the toys).  After Mommy sat down, Maddie cried and cried and screamed for Mannah. 
        Mommy went and got Madison out of the saucer and told her to calm down.  Mommy told Maddie to sit by Mommy's feet and play with her toys.  Maddie tried to go get Mannah again but Mommy wouldn't let Maddie go.
        She picked her up and sat her in her lap with one of her stuffies that's made with a blankie attached.  Mommmy popped in one of Madison's paci's and gave her the stuffie/blankie and pulled her back in the crook of her right arm.  Madison rubbed her eyes.  She was getting tired but she thought that when Mannah came over it was time to play.
        Mannah finally came out and walked nonchalantly in the den.  Mannah's Auntie Kathy looked at Mannah and said, "So, how is school coming?  Did you do all your homework last night?"
        Mannah looked at Auntie Kathy and boldly said, "NO!"
        Auntie Bella or Mannah's Momma caught her real quickly and said Amanda Louise Baines.... how dare you talk to your Auntie that way?
Come right on over here and let me give you another spanking.
You know better than to talk to an adult that way!  Mannah was furious but knew not to talk back to her Momma.
        Mannah stood in front of her Momma as her Momma pulled down her skirt and her panties.  Then she pulled Mannah along and laid her across her lap.
        "Sis," Mannah's momma said, "Can I borrow one of your hairbrushes that are laying right here?"
        "Of course, you can Sis."  Madison's Mommy said.
        Mommy knew that Madison would get upset over Mannah being spanked and tried to reassure her and calm her.  Auntie Bella looked at an already somewhat distressed Madison.
        "Sis, shall I move Mannah to the bedroom so Madison doesn't get upset?"
        "Nah, Madison has been around when I have spanked Mannah before and she needs to learn what happens to others when they are rude."
        "Alright then, just making sure."
        Auntie Bella started pelting Mannah's backend with the brush.
        Immediately, Madison began to cry and looked at Auntie Bella and with the same tone and look that Mannah had given her Auntie Kathy...Maddie yelled, "NOOOO," in Auntie Bella's direction.
        Mommy jerked Madison up and said, "I know you didn't just tell your Auntie Bella what I think you just said.  Madison does not tell grown-ups no, not Auntie Bella, not your teacher and not your Mommy.  Madison Taylor Walker… you are going to get a spanking also."
        Maddie looked at her Mommy as if to say 'no' to her, also, but didn't.  Mommy pulled Madison's pull-up off and laid her across her lap.  Selecting Madison's 'favorite' brush she began to spank her bottom.  Madison cried and cried and cried... there was much crying going on in the room.
        Mannah's spanking continued as Mannah was older and in much more trouble.  Madison's was long enough for the youngun.  Mommy finished and ordered Maddie to the Naughty Chair.
        Meanwhile, Mannah's momma had finished and told her to stand in front of her for a minute or two.
        Madison told her Mommy, "nooooo...." through her tears...
        Mommy asked Mannah to fetch the paddle for her.  Mannah did as told and brought back a small paddle for her Auntie Kathy.
        Mommy gave Madison one lick.... SMMMACCCKK. "Madison go sit in your chair!"
        Mommy gave Madison another lick.... SMMMACCCKKK
        "Madison go to your chair now or else..."
        Mommy sent Mannah for the small holey paddle.
        Mannah came back.
        "Madison go sit in your chair and DO NOT TELL ME NO!"
        Mommy took the holey paddle and rared it back and spanked Maddie's little bummie twice... "SMMAACCCKKKK, SMMMACCCK."
Madison was uncontrollable bawlingggg and screaming.
        Mommy said, “Now Madison are you going to sit in the chair or is Mommy gonna have to put Madison in the chair?”  Madison went and sat in her chair.
        In the meantime, Auntie Bella had decided that instead of putting Mannah in the corner she was going to make her kneel.  "Amanda, right here to the side, I want you to kneel."  Mannah did as her Momma told her too.
        Madison cried, "Mommmmmmyyyy.... I want my Mommmmmyyyy."
        Mommy sat across the room holding Madison's paci and her stuffie.  Auntie Bella looked at Mommy and said, "Wow, she still wants you after all of that?"
        "Yes, Maddie can't stand to be separated from me.  I am still a huge part of her security.  It is as if I have put her in jail and left her forever."
        "Awww, well I guess that is true but Amanda is so much older now and we've long past that stage."
        "Yes, I am sure you have."
        Mommy continued, "Madison you have a few more minutes."
        Madison cried more and more.... "I wantttttt Mommmyyyyy, I want Mommmmmyyyyyyy."
        Mannah continued to kneel by her mother looking very sorrowful and wanting to get up but knew better than to utter a word.
        "Madison tell Auntie Bella you are sorry for telling her no."
        "I sorryyyyy Auntie Bella."
        "Tell Mannah you are sorry that you had to be spanked in front of her."
        "I sorryyyy Mannnahhhhh."
        You could see another tear roll down Mannah's face.
        "Now Maddie, are you ready to tell Mommy you are sorry?"
        "I sorryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy Mommmyyyy... I wanttttttttttt youuuuu."
        "I know you do Madison but you will sit for another minute or two.  You need to learn to apologize for what you did wrong but you also need to learn that when you say sorry it doesn't keep you from being in trouble."  Madison cried and cried and cried.
        Auntie Bella started in on Mannah.  "Amanda Louise Baines you need to apologize to Auntie Kathy and to Madison.  Madison did exactly what she saw her big cousin doing and so you got her in trouble."
Auntie Kathy looked over in Mannah's direction.
        Mannah responded, "I'm sorry Auntie Kathy for telling you no.  I know better than that."
        Auntie Kathy told Mannah she forgave her young niece.
Auntie Bella looked at Mannah and said, "Stand.  Go give Auntie Kathy a hug and a kiss and then go apologize to Maddie.  You may give her a hug and a kiss to, can't she Sis?"
        Mannah stood and went for a good hug and kiss with her Auntie Kathy.  Auntie Kathy smiled and hugged and kissed her beautiful young niece and told her she loved her. 
        "Yes, Mannah, you can go give Madison a hug and a kiss."
        Mannah walked over to Madison and hugged her baby cous and kissed her. “ I love you sweetie pie.”
        Maddie returned the favor with a slobbery baby kiss and a hug and said, "I love Mannah."
        Auntie Bella looked to Kathy and said, "Well, I wished the girls could have enjoyed playing but maybe they can next time.  Amanda will have to do some more kneeling when we get home, I'm afraid."
        "Oh Sis, why... she's been in plenty of trouble here."
        "Yes but this is her second spanking today... we are having a bad day and a lesson we must learn."
        "Poor Mannah.  Well, of course if it had been us.... Kathy rubs her tushie as she recalls..."
        "Yes, Sis.. you know what Mother would have done had it been one of us... and 2 spankings in one day.... I don't think I'd live to see today!"
        "I agree.  Well be sweet Mannah and be a good girl.  Love you Sis.  Byeeee!"
        "Love you too Sis.  Good luck with Maddie.  I hope you train her right and she doesn't give you much problems later but she already has a temper.... I can see it in the fit she threw about the chair."
        "Yes, she will fight to the blood over that chair.  Sometimes, I force her to sit there but she needed a good blisterin' today."
        "Well see ya, byeeee."
        Mommy closed the door.  She scooped Maddie up in her arms.
        Madison cried and cried and cried.  Madison was so dehydrated from crying so long and her chair trip was longer than what she normally sat due to her Mommy and her Auntie Bella talking.  Madison tried to latch on but was in distress and couldn't get anything to come out.
        "Mommmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy, I want Mommmyyyyyyyy."
        "Shhhhhh, baby Maddie, you have me.  Shhhhhh!"
        Madison repeated this over and over as she cried and cried.
        Mommy slipped Madison's paci in her mouth to help calm her down some and began to rub her back.  Madison continued crying and calling for her Mommy.  After about a half hour passed, Madison was calming down... she turned inward to her Mommy.
        Mommy pulled out her boobie for Madison... "Here you go baby, let's try it again."  Madison latched on and began to suck away...
Mommy rubbed Madison's back and played with her hair some. 
        She softly kissed Madison's head over and over again telling her, “I love you.... I love you... Mommy loves Madison.....”